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Dick Thou Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks!

My GOP sprung a leak! Anyone know a plumber?

Recently “Joe the Plumber”, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, told Time magazine, “he's so outraged by GOP overspending, he's quitting the party … he also said he wouldn't support any cuts in defense, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.” Joe the Plumber also went on to say in a recent article in Christianity Today, on the subject of same sex marriage “I personally still think it's wrong…” He then went on to refer to homosexuals as queer and said that he is actually friends with homosexuals and “they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn't have them anywhere near my children.” Then finally, to pour Drano on the wound, Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View, disowned Joe the Plumber for his recent comments that "queers" aren't welcome around his children. Hasselbeck then went on to say that “Joe the Plumber is not invited anywhere around me.”... Wait…hold on a second…Time Magazine!?... Christianity Today!?...Elisabeth Hasselbeck!? (wasn’t she on Survivor,…and lost? Who f----in’ cares then.) It’s JOE THE “PLUMBER” people, Joe the f----in’ plumber! He’s a plumber, and not even a licensed one! He’s Joe the Plumber, the biggest backfire of campaign tactic that a Republican candidate ever pulled out of his ass since asking an Alaskan white trash governor to be his running mate! Joe the Plumber’s fifteen minutes of fame was over sixteen minutes before it started! Joe, won’t support any cuts in defense, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid? WHAT!? You’re Joe the Plumber, not Joe the Congressman, or Joe the Senator, or Joe the Supreme Court Judge. You’re not even Joe the City Councilman. You’re Joe the out of work, unlicensed plumber! Who gives a crap what you are going to support and not support? And why are the news media and former Survivor losers wasting their time reporting on the continued antics of Joe? Joe the Plumber, was a poorly thought out tactic by John McCain to appeal to the everyman during his debate with President Obama, nothing more. He was meant to be an analogy that people could relate to, to position McCain as someone who could relate to the problems of the average American. The problem was that Joe the Plumber, who is not even Joe, but Samuel, really existed, and was not exactly the everyman that John McCain thought he was. He certainly did not share the same ideology of McCain.

Now I’m not trying to bash John McCain, or even poor, used, misguided, Joe. In fact, I like John McCain. He would be fun to hang around with. I’d love to take him to a Cubs game, have him over for a bar-be-que. He’s like everybody’s cool grandfather. I’d even invite Joe over for beer and brats. Joe and John are not the bad guys here. What I don’t get is the press and the republicans who keep giving Samuel Wurzelbacher (c’mon lets call him by his real name) a forum. He’s not a bad guy. Everyone is entitled to their views, and the things he said really don’t surprise me at all. But he’s not a politician, he’s not running for office, he’s not even a celebrity. He’s just Samuel Wurzelbacher, average guy from Toledo. It’s not like if he uses the word “Queer” he is going to be kicked out of office. He doesn’t have an office. He is a victim of the GOP. He got pulled into this unwillingly, but then for some reason no one told him, the GOP, or the press, it’s over. It seems the GOP is so hard up for a voice and for a direction that there voice is coming from places that would make Ronald Regan roll over in his grave. G-d forbid a republican should say something bad about Rush Limbaugh, they end up apologizing to him the next day. When did Rush, loudmouth radio host, become the voice of the republican party? And is the GOP so lost right now that this is who they have chosen as there defacto leader. The fact that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a very vocal republican ever held Joe The Plumbers view to such importance that now she feels she has to publicly announce that she disowns him, is the core to what the main problem the GOP now faces, they have no real leaders. I may lean heavily to the left but lets understand something, we need a strong right, to have a strong left, otherwise the left will get cocky, and once you get cocky you lose. If you are on top and have nothing to fight for, the fight sneaks up on you. But Republicans, let’s get real. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Joe the Plumber are not the ones who are going to lead you to rebuild your party. It has to come from within. In my opinion, it’s Sara Palin! Just keep supporting her all the way until the next election and I am sure that up against President Obama, you will be sure to win! I wouldn’t steer you wrong, now would I? Dontcha know?


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