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OK, so let me get this straight.  Two people, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who are auditioning to be on the Real Housewives of D.C., simply walked in off the street and strolled right into the White House State Dinner for India’s prime minister, mingled with politicians and movie stars, and actually walked right up to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, and India’s prime minister, introduced themselves, and shook there hands!? And you mean to tell me that no one from the secret service, the agency that is supposed to be protecting some of our most important leaders and family members, did not think to check to see if they were actually invited to this state dinner?  No one thought to look at a list, check a name, or ask for ID?  Do you realize that right now there are meetings going on all over this country and the Middle East of Klansmen, Neo Nazis, and Al Qaeda terrorist, who are kicking themselves in there asses, and telling each other, “It’s that fucking EASY!  All we had to do was rent a tux, buy a dress, and walk in!  ALLAH DAMMIT!”  You would think that for this president, in particular, the secret service would be stepping things up a notch.  I mean after all he’s just the first ever African American president we have ever had.  And you know that the day that President Obama won the election every white supremacist in this country was slapping them selves in there red neck faces while praying to their white Jesus that this was simply a bad dream and they would soon wake up to see President McCain, and V.P. Sarah Palin!  Is the secret service really this inept and if they are, President Obama should be very worried.

According to a resent report on CNN, since President Obama’s inauguration, death threats against the president has gone up by 400%.  The president receives on the average 30 death threats a day!  Yes you read that right, 30 a day.  The rise in the number of hate groups in this country has sky rocketed and there memberships have gone up as well.  Maybe the secret service missed the meeting on the day when this information was talked about.  Honestly, I have never seen such venomous opposition towards a president last for so long as it has for this president.  And I’m not talking from hate groups either.  That insane craziness I fully expect.  It’s the ongoing day after day opposition rhetoric that one hears on talk radio, FOX “News”, and the political arena that spills over into the general population. It’s normal and even healthy for our politicians to be challenged and questioned, but for some reason with this president I have seen some of the most hateful characterizations and often out right lies told about his actions and status and decisions.  I hear individuals still questioning his citizenship.  I hear people still insisting that he is a Muslim.  I hear people questioning his love and loyalty to this country.  I hear people accusing him of being a Nazi (show me a black Nazi, I’ll show you a kosher pig), a Socialist, a Fascist.  I understand that we had republican rule for the last 8 years and now this is a big change, and it’s quite a shock to those who liked that status quo and wanted Sarah Palin to be just deaths door away from the presidency.  But I believe that there is some thing much more dark and deep seeded about what is going on here.  I believe that there a lot of people out there, who even though they would never ever admit it to anyone, and maybe not even to them selves, simply do not like our president because he is black.  There are a lot of individuals who will claim until the day they die that they are not racist, truly believe they are not, and maybe by comparison to a KKK member or Archie Bunker, they are not, but still have issues with race.  That is not to say that those same people may not also have issues with the Presidents views and policies, but something deep down inside makes some individuals that much more opposed to and venomous about what is going on today then they would be had our president not been black.  And of course there are many people out there who simply oppose the president’s views regardless of his race, but let’s be honest, we live in America, and whether we like it or not we live in one of the most racist countries on this earth.  And if you don’t believe me, go live in Europe for a while.  I spent six months there in the late eighties and it was shocking how normal and accepted inter-racial couples were at that time.  It was an eye- opener as to how segregated of a society we really live in.  This country had slavery.  We placed Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II.  The Civil Rights act didn’t come about until the 1960’s. Gay people still can’t get married in most states, and have to pretend they are straight in our armed forces or get dishonorably discharged.  And women still don’t get pay equal to men in most cases.  We live in the greatest nation on earth, but often we don’t act like it.  We need to stop acting like we are at war with each other and start realizing that we are all in this together.  I would like to see Republicans and Democrats vote there conscious, instead of there party.  I would like to see news reported with integrity and the facts, and commentary kept separate.  I would like to see people make up there mind because they researched the issues, not because some talk show host or neighbor “claimed” it to be so.  I would like to see us battle the hate not just around us, but also the prejudices that knowingly or unknowingly exist in all of us.  I would like us to see if this President over the next four years can do something, anything to tackle the monumental problems we are facing, and make this country better then it was before he took office, but also not judge him only by his first year.  And if he can not make this country better, I would like to see someone else elected to replace him who we truly believe is better, not because of the color of his skin, or what party he belongs to, but because we believe in what that person stands for, and that what he stands for is better then what we have seen.    The health care debate has brought out the worst of us in this country.  We are better then what I have seen and we need to show it, not just to us, but to the world.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go drop in on a White House cabinet meeting.


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