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President Obama Can Kiss My A$@!


President Obama can kiss my A$@!  Anyone who voted for this guy should have his head examined.  He promised this and that and is showing us he can’t deliver! Oh, if you’re thinking these are my sentiments, you are wrong.  These are the types of things that I have been hearing normal Americans say on the radio to various call in shows.  But I’m not talking about the conservative right wing call in shows like Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck.  I have been hearing these things on liberal, progressive left wing call in shows like Tom Hartman, or Ed Schultz.  It is amazing to me the short attention span that we have in this country.  A year ago we were dancing in the streets and today progressives are picking up torches and getting ready to stone the white house, while conservative are lighting the torches and handing it to them.  Have we gone insane?  Ok, so the Senate has passed a health care bill that does not include a public option.  And OK, President Obama did not seem to be very aggressive in making sure this did not happen.  And OK, we have video footage of both Senator and President Obama saying that he will not sign any health care bill into law that does not include a public option.  But I ask you this.  Did I miss the event where President Obama signed a health care bill into law? No I did not because, there is no bill to sign!  President Obama has yet to go back on this promise.  Two bills exist, a House bill, that includes a public option, and a Senate Bill that does not and these still have to be merged in to one final bill.  It could be weeks before this is resolved.  But let’s say, for arguments sake that this bill goes through and is signed into law with no public option.  That would suck, big time, and if you want to know why, read my other blogs.  I’m not going to into that here. Should it mean that those of us who voted for this president should declare our utter disappointment and announce that he has lost our trust and confidence?  Well truthfully, this was something that I was wrestling with in my mind.  What would not getting everything we need in this health care bill mean for my own support of this president?  Then this morning I was driving into work and I put on the Stephanie Miller show.  They were running a repeat of her show that aired the day after the President was sworn in and I was listening to the tone of the callers from that day and how excited and hopeful everyone was.  And it reminded me of three things.  First, that this man, thank g-d, is not George W. Bush.  This man can form a complete sentence without it being prepared in advance.  This man did not destroy our image on the world stage and put us on the road to economic ruin.  This man did not get us into a war based on lies and deception.  This man did not neglect to include the billions of dollars, needed to support two wars, from his budget every year.  This man did not make national policy decisions based on his personal Religious beliefs.

Second, it reminded me that the mere fact that we elected this particular individual president, by a overwhelming majority, was a major victory for this country on both the national and international stages.  The world never thought that the United States of American would ever elect a black man with the middle name Hussein, and the first name Barack, President of their country, but we did, and doing so we instantly regained an incredible amount of credibility on the world stage. 

And the third thing that I was reminded of was that this President has accomplish a huge number of things that never were accomplished under our previous administration and never would have been accomplished under the McCain administration.  These included:

  • Two days after being elected he banned the use of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”
  • One day later he opened up funding, that was closed by George Bush, to overseas, planned parenting organizations.
  • Three days later he gave California authorization to enact car-emissions standards that would lead to cleaner air quality, which Bush had been blocking for six years.
  • Two weeks after that the President signed the $787 Billion dollar Stimulus Bill.
  • In March the President opened up funding, that was previously restricted, to Stem Cell Research by George Bush.
  • In April and June, the President engineered the restructuring of Chrysler and GM through bankruptcy, and avoided there shut down and massive loss of jobs that would have gone with it.
  • In June he made a historic speech to the Arab world on their own soil that reset the tone of our relations with that region and open up communication and understanding that previously was non-existent.
  • Also in June The President announced the Cash for Clunkers program that re-energized the auto industry and gave Ford a billion dollar profit.
  • He appointed the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice.  He signed the Lilly-Ledbetter Act that guaranteed fair pay for women.  He ordered the Open-Government-Directive that enacted his Transparency in Government campaign promise, where-by the president can no longer declare information withheld simply because the president says so.  It can only be withheld after a review by a senate committee that declares the request constitutional and within the bounds of the law. He invited gay couples and their children to the annual Easter egg hunt on the white house lawn, and ordered law enforcement to no longer peruse cases of licensed individuals selling marijuana for strictly medical use in states where it is legal to do so.
  • And lastly, he promised health care reform.  He pushed for this and would not let the House and the Senate push this initiative aside.   We will no longer be denied due to a pre-existing condition.  A child with a chronic illness will no longer loose there insurance due to a lifetime cap.  And if as citizens we voice our opinion that a Public Option must be part of this final bill, we may have a real choice in our health insurance at prices that are affordable to everyone.


But if the Public Option does not go through, I am not going to regret the decision to vote for Barack Obama because I have seen real change and I know that we will see much more.  I may not agree with every decision that his administration has made but I know that none of the things that have been accomplished could have been accomplished without this president.    As President Elect Obama said in his acceptance speech on that night in Grant Park, “The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

I promise you, we as a people will get there.”


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I believe this president does not like America, and his change is not positive, we are the hope of the world if we are like the rest of the world all is lost. Abe Lincoln knew this in 1862, America is or was special and now its not.


It's change all right but its not good. The people who oppose what this president stands for will be heard and soon.

Brian Dann


I agree with everything you said. Beautifully put.


Isabele Nisenbaum

Dear Brian,

I did not vote for this President. I did not vote for the last President at all because I was unsure of Obama and would not vote for McCain, due to the idiot he had chosen for his running mate. While I still remain "on the fence" regarding Obama and everything he has done and is still doing, I cannot help but respect and sit back in awe of his energy, his devotion, and the degree which he has gone forth and attempted to make some movement on all the issues that have been plauqing Americans for, at least, the past 8 years. I agree with you whole-heartedly-and I only wish more Americans could step back and say to themselves that he inherited a mess. He inherited a mess that will not be solved overnight and that it takes a very strong and strong-willed human being to even attempt to openly declare any attempt at reform. This is an unusual man. This is, clearly a man that will not mind being wrong and will not mind going down in history as someone who has failed. The beauty of this is that we have a president who believes in reformation and in taking gambles and I really respect that.

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