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The Tea Baggers (giggle) are F--king Retards!


The Tea Baggers are f—king retards!  Oh I’m sorry, was that not politically correct and incredibly insensitive of me?  Did I pull a Rahm?  Well then let me now apologize for everything that I am about to say in this article and let you know in advance that if you are easily offended, boo hoo for you and go grow a pair!  Quite frankly I don’t know who I’m more pissed at, the Tea Baggers, the Republicans, the Democrats, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, or Mickey Mouse (I missed the G-D Dam State of the Union speech because I was riding Space Mountain for a week!)  Ok, maybe calling the Tea Baggers, retards is a bit harsh but they did call themselves Tea Baggers without realizing the graphic connotation that makes me giggle like Bevis every time Butthead said the word “Ball”.  And I find it both interesting and disturbing that I have never seen a more racist and illiterate group of individuals since the people of Louisiana elected David Duke (you know, former grand wizard of the KKK) as Republican State Representative.  The keynote speaker at the Tea Party convention was former Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (“who?” you’re asking.  Yea I never heard of him either,) who suggested in his speech that Obama won because, "we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote in this country, people who could not even spell the word 'vote,' or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House, name is Barack Hussein Obama."  So basically Tommy Boy is suggesting that we go back to the Jim Crow laws that existed before the civil rights movement that kept African Americans from voting because many of them could not pass the test that was given in order to vote.  This is so wrong and racist on so many levels that it baffles me!  So it is not enough for an individual to be a citizen on this country to have the right to vote, now they have to be literate, and pass a test?  Well then I guess that would eliminate a large number of Tea Party members.  Let’s look at some Tea Party signs in this video from Jimmy Kimmel:

As far as I can tell there is no official demographic study of who makes up this Tea Party but as one reporter observed who was at the convention “it was hard to ignore the one-sided demographic of the attendees.  There's virtually no one under the age of 45 and almost no African-American or minority group represented.  This is very much a white, middle-aged gathering.” And let’s get one other thing straight here.  Barack Obama is not a Socialist.  He is not a Communist, or Fascist, or Marxist, or Nazi, or any other word that these paranoid Tea Baggers (giggle) keep randomly shouting out without even knowing there true meaning.  Apparently all of these words are now interchangeable.  Socialism “advocates a system of collective or government ownership and management of the means of production and distribution of goods.” If Obama was a Socialist he would not be trying to get banks to increase loans to small businesses, he would want to own all the small businesses.  He would not be trying to create a new health care insurance system that promotes increased competition among insurance companies in order to drive down costs to consumers, instead he would be an advocate of Single- Payer and would want to eliminate the insurance companies all together. I don’t mind when individuals have dissenting views.  Supreme Court justices do it all the time.  The difference is that there arguments are based on pure fact, not on made up fiction that is only designed to incite uneducated morons who are too lazy and stupid to check the claims they hear for themselves.  These people are like lemmings following who ever yells the loudest off the cliff. 
But what the Tea Party movement really is, is a clear sign of the failure of the Republican party to come together and provide leadership and clarity to their party members.  Tea Partiers are nothing more than hard core, ultra conservative republicans that don’t feel that they are being heard by their own party, and watch way to much FOX news.  They are Republicans who were so used to being in power and having their agenda in the White House for so long, that now they are in shock that there power has been completely eroded and the religious right that used to rule the roost, no longer does.  The Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they have one agenda, and that is stopping President Obama any way they can even if what he wants to do is the right thing to do.  They have made it clear that there will not be any compromise, no matter how often the President meets with the GOP or makes speeches to joint session or holds press conferences expressing how he is more than willing to listen to any body.  No matter how often the President expresses that we must put partisan politics aside for the good of the people, it has been made clear that the GOP will do nothing of the sort.  And while I would fully expect Democrats to do the same if the shoe was on the other foot, it is plain wrong and the practice should cease.  I was not a supporter of George W. Bush, but I sure did not want him to fail, and if he did something that I liked I supported it regardless if I voted for him or not, and to be quite frank, I did vote for him when he ran for his second term, but only because I thought John Kerry was a terrible candidate for the Democrats and I think I was drunk on voting day.   But it seems that this time around, the republicans do not want to give this guy a break.  Even when companies like Anthem Blue Cross of California, (who announced this week that they will be raising there rates by a whopping 39%), are taking complete advantage of the general consumer and forcing many into bankruptcy and causing others to lose their insurance completely because they cannot afford to pay these exorbitant rates. There is hardly a Republican who will not say that we need reform, yet they will not work with this president on anything.  Like many progressive democrats, I have been unhappy with the president.  He has not been vocal enough, but now he is and I applaud him.  Mabey it took the election of Scott Brown to wake him up but whatever it is it worked.  I just hope he spends more time putting the ones who are obstructing progress in their place and keeping his message in front of the American people, and less time trying to get the Republicans to play nice, because they will not.  They will continue to rely on lies and scare tactics.  The Tea Baggers (giggle) will continue to believe the lies and propagate the fear.  Sarah Palin will continue to prove herself the idiot that she is (Really Sarah, you wrote on your hand after criticizing the President for using teleprompters!) and bigger idiots will put her in the number one position for Republicans they would vote for president.  In a recent poll, 63 percent of self identified Republicans believe Obama is a socialist, 39 percent think he should be impeached, 24 percent said Obama wants “the terrorists to win”, 31 percent agreed with the statement that Obama is “a racist who hates white people”, 36 percent of respondents do not believe the president was born in this country, and 23 percent, want their state to secede from the union…Retards! (oops, my bad.)



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