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The Presidents View on The View

By Brian



Yesterday President Obama made history.  No he didn’t solve the immigration problem or eliminate the national debt.  He didn’t bring peace to the Middle East or teach Sarah Palin the difference between Iran and Iraq.  Yesterday President Obama appeared on The View.  Ok, this may not be history on the level of the falling of the Berlin Wall, but none the less this was the first time that a sitting president has appeared on a daytime talk show.  I believe he was supposed to appear on Jerry Springer but they could not find anyone to claim that the president was their baby-daddy.  This obviously was a big honor for the ladies of The View and I am sure that the fact that Barbra Walters is the producer and a co-host was one of the reasons that the President chose this show over Kathy Lee and Hoda.  Of course being the type of show that it is I didn’t expect the questions to be as hard hitting as Meet the Press, but the ladies held there own.  Perhaps the most interesting part of the show was watching Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who thinks that Fox news really is “Fair and Balanced”, act perfectly giddy as President Obama strolled out onto the stage. (Didn’t she loose on Survivor?  How exactly do you make that transition from Survivor looser to talk show host along side Barbra Walters?  If losing is the requirement to success then I should be co-host of the Tonight Show by now.)  Watching Hasselbeck was like watching Sasha and Malia at a Justin Bieber concert. I was just waiting for her to yell out, “I love you Mr. President, Oh and by the way what about the Death Panels!” or ask him to produce his birth certificate.  Much to my disappointment, neither of those things happened.  She did ask a question, very respectfully, about “saved jobs”, or jobs that were not lost due to the Stimulus Package, that sounded like it was lifted straight from the transcripts of a Sean Hannity show, but as the President pointed out, he was sure that any person who’s job was saved due to the Stimulus Package was not upset about his administration talking about “Saved Jobs”. (BooYa Hasselbeck!)  By the way, before the President goes to bed each night do you think he asks Michelle if she would like to see his stimulus package?
It’s no secret that I am a supporter of President Obama but that does not mean I think he can do no wrong.  I believe that pouring more money and troops into Afghanistan is a mistake and we need to get out as soon as possible.  The money we are spending there could be much better spent rebuilding our own infrastructure, investing in clean energy, supporting our schools, and so on. But I believe that President Obama has made two huge mistakes in his presidency.  First, the President needs to realize that the Republicans have not, are not, and never will be on his side.  I fully blame the President for the Health Care debate going as long as it did.  He came into office promising change and fully knowing that the change he had in mind was the complete opposite of what the GOP would ever support.  I can guarantee you that if John McCain had won he would not be spending any time trying to win over the Democrats.  This is a time when there is a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. Mr. President, you pretty much can pass any bill you want to.  Stop trying to make friends.  The second mistake the President is making is that he thinks the campaign is over.  He said on The View that there is a time for campaigning and a time for governing and now is the time to govern.  To that I say you are wrong Mr. President.  In fact they go hand in hand.  This answer was in response to Joy Behar’s question regarding the 27/7 GOP media machine known as Fox News and how they seem to be "hijacking the narrative" with the constant negative onslaught that the right wing media is constantly putting out there.  She asked, "Where on your side is the narrative, where is your attack dog to tell the American people, listen this is what we did?" 
Whether or not the right wing media will have an effect on the Presidents re-election is to be seen.  In politics a lot can change quickly and today’s polls don’t mean diddly squat when it comes to 2012.  If the President has proved one thing it is that he is a master campaigner.  He is unshakable in debates and rivals Ronald Regan is speech making. But what the President does not seem to understand is that the election, the campaign is never over and this is what the Republicans have figured out.  Just like American Idol, this is a popularity contest and if the health care debate proved one thing, it showed that the voice of the people matter and not just at election time.  We can vote at any time on any issue simply by calling our congress person, signing petitions, organizing marches and so on.  The reality is politicians do listen to the people that elect them because they want to get re-elected and people are influenced by what they read and hear in the media.  And with a 24/7 media machine like FOX News constantly putting down the President and his initiatives, spreading lies, half-truths, and mis-information, the people will be influenced to believe this negative rhetoric and when they do contact there congress person, sign petitions, organize marches and so on, they may influence there congress person to vote against a bill that actually could be a very positive thing for our country.  Yes, there are progressive talk radio stations out there and television programs like The Rachel Maddow Show, or Countdown with Keith Olbermann, or even The Ed Show on MSNBC, but there is nothing like an entire network, like FOX News, that is singularly devoted to refuting every positive thing that the President tries to accomplish.  The President needs to call out the lies that FOX news spreads just like he did when John McCain and Sarah Palin spread lies during the campaign.  Public opinion may not matter a whole lot right now when it comes to the election in 2012 but it does matter when it comes to individual issues.  The reality that the President does not seem to understand is that when he appears on talk shows like The View or does interviews on the nightly news his numbers go up, and when his numbers go up people support his issues even more.  This is a popularity contest and the person with the least amount of votes must leave the island, the head of the losing team gets fired, and only the winner becomes the next American Idol. The bottom line is that the President is likeable, he’s engaging, he’s tall, he’s good looking, and unlike George Bush he can talk very eloquently without a script.  Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck admitted the next day on The View that after his appearance she thinks she has a little crush on the President. In fact its reported that on her View notebook she doodled in pink marker, “I “heart” Barack”, and “Elizabeth Obama”. The only negative comment that I have heard about so far regarding President Obama’s appearance on The View has come from, master orator, and friend to Tea Baggers everywhere, Sarah Palin.  She said that the President has no time to visit the U.S-Mexican boarder, but does have time to be on a daytime talk show. Then she mentioned that she will be visiting the border in the near future, finally realizing that she can’t see Mexico from her front porch.



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