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Top 12 Slogans For The Romney-Ryan Campaign


1.  Don’t Worry, It Will Trickle Down Eventually.

2.  If I had Paid Taxes, I’d Release Taxes.

3.  Every Man For Himself.

4.  Smiling Like We Care.

5.  If Hair Were Electoral Votes, We’d Have This Thing In the Bag.

6.  The Poor Can Suck Our Rich White Dicks!

7.  At least I Didn’t Pick an Insane Hockey Mom From Alaska.

8.  Not Michelle Bachman.

9.  Fighting For You, and By You I Mean People Like Me.

10.  The Best The Republican Party Could Come Up With.

11.  At Least England Likes Me…Hmmm?...What?...Not Anymore?...Nevermind.

12.  Seriously, I’M the Candidate!?



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