How Bernie Sanders Can Lose
Is Trump Running for President or Fuhrer?

In Trump We Trust?

By Brian Dann


Donald-Trump-Duct-Tape-31214At what point does one become so arrogant that one truly believes that just being that person is the best thing that could happen to everyone else? How do you get to the point that you are convinced that people should just follow you blindly because in your eyes you feel you can do no wrong? And how is it that others autonomously nod and agree simply because what you say, no matter how non-sensical, ridiculous, or uneducated it is, is said with such exaggerated conviction that one does not even question the validity of the rhetoric? That right there is Donald Trump. It’s not what Donald Trump says that surprises me? It’s that seemingly very intelligent people are acting like this man makes any sense all and should be our president. His ego and talent for negotiating has served him well in business, but in business Trump says jump and people say how high. In business Trump says he wants his name emblazed in gold on a line of Trump crotchless panties and no one questions it. If Trump wants to bully and insult people in the corporate world he can get away with it. But politics is not the corporate world, you can't just bully Mexico and Russia into doing what you want. If you insult a world leader it can lead to an international incident. You can’t just order Republicans and Democrats to pass your bills because unlike Trump Enterprises, politicians don't work for the President and can’t simply be fired, have their salaries cut or be demoted. And giving a man like Trump the power of Executive Order is just plain scary.

Trump has said some crazy, rude, disrespectful, ignorant and insulting things, but one thing that he said October 26th on the Today Show was one of the most telling things I have ever heard him say. A question was asked of Trump by a young 21 year old student and small business owner named Brian Pickowicz during a televised town hall moderated by Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Word for word it went like this:

Brian: “Your campaign has gained a lot of recognition for calling it how it is but it has been based more on talking points than substance. Do you have a specific plan for how to bring our economy back, or should middle class voters just elect you because your name is Trump?”

Trump: “Well I think they should, because I built a great company. Everybody agrees on that. I built a great company. I employed thousands of people. I employed tens of thousands of people, and, and you know I’ve done a good job, I’ve done some of the great projects. He (Matt Lauer) knows many of them, I mean I have some of the great projects of the world. And frankly that is a part of my resume in all fairness. If I didn’t, if I didn’t have this great success, I don’t think I’d be here right now…”

After a bit more rambling about how great everything will be under Trump, Matt Lauer encouraged the young man to jump in and follow up. Brian Pickowicz pressed harder for an answer.

Brian: “But do you have a specific plan for how you plan on doing all this?”

Trump: “Sure, I’m telling you, I’m going to re-negotiate our trade deals, I’m going to bring our jobs back, I’m going to bring our manufacturing back…”

Then he went on to take full credit for Ford deciding to open a plant in the United States rather than Mexico simply because he had been talking about it on the campaign trail stating, “...frankly I think I embarrassed them.” Matt Lauer then chimed in.

Lauer: “Brian brings up an interesting point though. It does seem on a lot of issues Mr. Trump you’re asking people to say, ‘Believe me that I can accomplish these things and fix them because I’m Donald Trump.’”

Trump: “You know what, I AM asking for that.”

He then went on to tell Mr. Pickowicz how he could give a plan but plans change, that he’s gonna bring jobs back and so on. But how is all this gonna happen? Don’t worry about it! He’s Donald Trump! You don’t need to know! Trust him. It’s business. It would probably confuse us anyway! Plans change. Specifics shmicifics! Plans are for losers! Trump actually wants us to simply take his word for it that he is so unbelievably awesome that we should just trust him, that he will make everything better and we don’t need to know how or why because, plans change, and he is the great and powerful Trump! And this is what baffles me on so many levels. This is what was one of the most telling things I have ever heard Donald Trump say out loud.

Until yesterday, I thought that Trump was simply a rambling, delusional, egomaniac, who simply had never gotten around, in any of his unrehearsed, rambling speeches, to giving us specifics on how he plans to “make America great again.” But now we find out that he actually believes that he is so awesome, that his record is so spectacular, that the American public, Republican, Democrat, Independent and Undecided, should simply blindly trust him because after all, as Matt Lauer put it, “I can accomplish these things and fix them because I’m Donald Trump.” And what is even more unbelievable is that in many states Trump is currently leading in the polls, which means the people who would vote for him are either complete idiots, or complete morons! Who except a complete idiot, or complete moron would vote for anyone who simply says “Trust me,” and refuses to say how.

Yes I know you can argue that Donald Trump has given some specifics like his tax plan, which independent sources have determined would cost trillions and skyrocket our national debt. Or you can talk about his huge, long, giant...wall, you know the one that somehow he is going to strong arm Mexico into paying for? The sheer logistics of building a wall along our entire southern border that will be impenetrable, that no one could ever tunnel under and that Mexico will pay for is beyond ridiculous! Oh yea, and it will have a beautiful door on it. Or you could talk about his plan to deport every illegal alien in this country. So will that only be Mexicans? What about Asians, Canadians, Cubans, Europeans, people from the middle east? How will this happen? It's just not practical. How can you possibly round up 11.3 million undocumented immigrants? Are we going to bring in the national guard to find them, or maybe the military? Can you even imagine the cost? Well I can. According to a September 14, 2015 article in Forbes Magazine:

“A 2015 study by the American Action Forum, a conservative pro-immigration group, estimates the federal government would have to spend roughly $400 billion to $600 billion to deport 11.3 million undocumented immigrants and prevent future unlawful entry into the U.S. over a 20 year time period...In order to implement the plan, the study says, each immigrant would have to be apprehended, detained, legally processed, and transported to his or her home country. Mass deportation will burden the economy, the report goes on. Removing all undocumented immigrants would cause the labor force to shrink by 6.4%. As a result, 20 years from now the economy would be nearly 6% or $1.6 trillion smaller than it would be if the immigrants are allowed to stay.”

Trump feels that he is either so incredible that he owes no one any specifics into how he would accomplish his goals, and we should all just blindly trust him, or he offers us solutions, that if anyone was to rationally consider for even a millisecond, would realize how insane and poorly thought out they really are. But instead people put on there blinders, autonomously nod and agree. They listen to the rhetoric, and the passion, and trust that simply because they agree with what Trump says is wrong, that he must have a plan to fix it, one that we don’t need to know about, and why? Simple...

“Because I’m Donald Trump.”


Update:  According to Ford has not made any changes to it's plans regarding plants in Mexico.  In a statement from Ford the article states,  “As part of our global manufacturing plan, we announced $2.5 billion investment in two Mexico facilities to build a new generation of engines and transmissions,” Christin Tinsworth Baker, a spokeswoman for Ford told us via email. “These engines and transmissions will support Ford’s global product lineup. Our plans for that investment have not changed.”... "Ford Motor Co. has released a statement saying, “Ford has not spoken with Mr. Trump, nor have we made any changes to our plans. We decided to move the F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks to Ohio Assembly in 2011, long before any candidates announced their intention to run for U.S. president."


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